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Strategic Coaching Builds More Successful Academic Leaders

By Anthony Knerr

Imagine a new provost – a respected scholar and former dean who wowed the search committee only a few months ago – sitting at her desk, head in her hands. Far from the campus at which she had previously spent…

Getting Your Story Right

By Libby Morse

Humans learn from and with stories. The stories we tell ourselves drive our decision making. That’s why Lipman Hearne and AKA share a belief that every strategic plan needs to be built around a core story: an organizing and clarifying narrative that…

Arts and Strategy: Reflections on Cultural Planning in the Modern University

By András Szántó

Strategy focusing on arts organizations has to contend with an unusual obstacle: romantic feelings about culture as a field of high-minded aesthetic activity. As charming as those attitudes may be, they are holdovers from the past, a way of viewing…

Reclaiming the Global in Higher Education

By Vishakha Desai

Everywhere you look, all things “global” are under attack. “Slowbalisation: The Steam Has Gone Out of Globalisation” declared a cover of The Economist early this year. Meanwhile, many political pundits have published books attributing the backlash against globalization implicit in…


Timothy L. Killeen

President, University of Illinois System

Timothy L. Killeen took office as the 20th president of the University of Illinois System in May 2015. In the first months of his presidency, he led the development of an ambitious new Strategic Framework to guide the system and…


A Truly Exceptional Life
An Academic Life: A Memoir

By Hanna Holborn Gray
Reviewed By Judith Shapiro

An Academic Life is the story of a truly exceptional life. The life of a woman who belongs to the world of immigrant scholars whose arrival in America from Germany and beyond in the years before and during World War II transformed the quality and reputation of American higher education…

Why Good Governance Matters
How University Boards Work

By Robert Scott
Reviewed By Jonathan Fanton

We live in a time when the importance of well-functioning boards of trustees and governance structures is particularly evident. Higher education is increasingly challenged by rapid changes brought on by technology, evolving job markets, competition from for-profit educational companies, and…

Should Data Science Eat Higher Education?
The Book of Why

By Judea Pearl and Dana Mackenzie
Reviewed By Daniel L. Goroff

Every day we see more students, faculty, administrators, and budgets drawn towards Artificial Intelligence (AI), for example, swamping more traditional priorities and processes in higher education. But what should we make of claims that machine learning techniques will enable companies, governments, and even universities to make “better” decisions about everyone and everything, including matters that intimately affect our lives…