A tailored approach.

    Your institution or organization has a distinctive culture and personality – with challenges and needs to match. Our engagements are custom-built accordingly.

Complementary, tested talents.

    Your AKA team is drawn from our worldwide network of experienced consultants and executives to meet your specific needs and goals. We’ve been in the trenches as executives in leading nonprofit organizations, as university faculty and senior executives, and as members of governing boards.

Collaboration and candor.

    We’re skilled in listening carefully and understanding the unspoken. We’ll help you ensure the right questions are squarely on the table, analyzed with appropriate tough-mindedness, and discussed collegially and openly.

Respect for the power of process.

    In consensus-driven organizations, how things get done is as important as the resulting outcomes and deliverables. We encourage buy-in among your key stakeholders in transparent, engaging ways.