In the face of globalization, technological disruption, shifting financial and philanthropic realities, and rapidly evolving organizational, competitive, and political challenges, AKA can help you develop a clear path forward.

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Institutional Strategic Counsel
Strategic Planning
Executive Coaching

Institutional Strategic Counsel

Leaders of universities and colleges, arts and cultural organizations, and other nonprofit institutions turn to AKA for strategic problem-solving that includes:

  • Mergers, affiliations, and partnerships.
  • Program development and evaluation.
  • Governance and organization design.
  • Business and financial planning.
  • Brand identity and institutional distinctiveness.
  • Fundraising counsel and design of path-breaking development campaigns.
  • Understanding the impact of technology and globalization.

Strategic Planning

AKA’s approach to strategic planning is iterative, fact-based and analytical. Our strategic planning work incorporates the design and coordination of key objectives and goals—helping you achieve early results that build momentum and credibility for the plan.

Our work includes:

  • Developing effective strategic planning processes.
  • Creating and moderating public forums that engage and excite stakeholders.  We can also suggest and arrange for nationally recognized experts to bring a broader perspective to these events.
  •  Preparing strategic plans, guiding implementation, and establishing metrics to monitor progress toward strategic goals.
  • Developing bold, clear narratives of institutional vision and mission.
  • Undertaking environmental scans to determine institutional positioning, competitive advantage and challenges, and best practices of similar organizations.
  • Integrating strategic planning with resource development, financial planning and implementation, and fundraising.

Executive Coaching

AKA consultants have advised, coached, and mentored hundreds of leaders across a wide range of institutions—large and small, old and young, struggling and successful.  Our executive coaching is a sound investment if you’re a board member or senior executive who:

  • Faces complex strategic and leadership issues that you cannot comfortably or confidentially discuss with your boards, CEOs, colleagues, or peers at other institutions.
  • Wants to see the bigger landscape, learning more about best practices and similar issues faced by leaders at other institutions.
  • Has deep experience in specific program areas, but seeks guidance in anticipating and successfully resolving a wider scope of complex strategic, organizational, or political challenges.