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Why Strategy Matters™

Every nonprofit organization faces at least one central strategic issue vital to its continued wellbeing and effectiveness. Whether large or small, wealthy or poor, old or young, complex or simple, there is typically a fundamental strategic concern — or concerns…

Key Indicators of the Strategy-Focused Organization

Everyone — board, staff and volunteers — understands the organization’s mission, key objectives and core values and can articulate them accurately and succinctly in their own words. The organization thinks — and acts — boldly on the basis of a…

Selected Recent Client Assignments 3

Andrea and Charles Bronfman Philanthropies: diagnostic analysis of approaches to evaluating program performance Asphalt Green: preparation of a strategic plan Cambridge University: strategic counsel on Cambridge’s 800 th Anniversary £1 Billion Campaign Case Western Reserve University: counsel on the development of a University strategic…


The World Is Flat: A Brief History of the Twenty-First Century

By Thomas L. Friedman

Thomas Friedman’s analysis of the twenty-first century is a best-seller for good reason: it is a remarkably clear-headed and accessible overview of the impact of the confusing and complex array of recent events, trends and circumstances and what they mean…

Andrew Carnegie

By David Nasaw

Having built America’s greatest fortune on iron, steel and muscle, Andrew Carnegie retired from active involvement in business in 1901 to begin a second career as the first modern philanthropist. As engagingly chronicled in David Nasaw’s new biography, the “Star-Spangled…

A Great American Secret

By Joel L. Fleishman

Warren Buffet’s recent announcement that he would donate the bulk of his assets, some $31 billion, to the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation captured public attention not only about the size of the resultant wealthiest foundation in the world, but…

101 Mission Statements from Top Companies

By Jeffrey Abrahams

This succinct book tackles a big subject and amply demonstrates why it is so difficult to get mission statements right. In a brief opening section, Abrahams explains the purpose and intent of mission statements, as well as his recommended process…