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Strategic Planning in a New Age

By Anthony Knerr & Viktor Böhm

The nonprofit landscape is in an unprecedented state of flux. Because nonprofit organizations may find themselves in radically different institutional or economic contexts in just two or three years, the standard five- to ten-year planning period is often obsolete for…

Is Beauty Useful?

By Ernő Rubik

My father was a mechanical engineer in Hungary. He had several patents to his name, created more than 30 airplane and glider models, and also designed a highly popular mini-car made of aluminum, a project that eventually fell victim to…

Latin America: The Global Context for Higher Education

By Gerardo della Paolera

The last decade has witnessed the emer-gence of two distinct dynamic continents, as measured by their impressive economic growth: Asia and Latin America. However, it seems that the rate of modernization and global insertion of Latin American (LATAM) universities have…

Tarnishing The Halo

By Monroe Price

Increasingly, and for good reason relating to their effectiveness, large-scale global advocacy organizations—Human Rights Watch, Amnesty International and many others—are in the crosshairs of governments seeking to keep control over political activity within their borders. Egypt, Russia, Bahrain, Venezuela, Israel…


Iván Fischer

Founder and Conductor, Budapest Festival Orchestra

Budapestborn Iván Fischer founded the Budapest Festival Orchestra (BFO) in 1983 and is internationally acclaimed as a con ductor and composer. Now widely consid ered to be one of the leading orchestras in the world, the BFO performs about 30…

Nancy Zimpher

Chancellor, State University of New York

Nancy Zimpher is Chancellor of the State University of New York (SUNY), the largest system of public higher education in the country, with 64 institutions, more than 465,000 students, 88,000 faculty and staff and almost 2.5 million alumni worldwide. A…


College: What It Was, Is and Should Be

By Andrew Delbanco
Reviewed By Ben Wildavsky

At the outset of his deeply informed defense of the value of liberal arts education, Andrew Delbanco, a noted Melville scholar, illustrates one of his central points with a quotation from Moby Dick. When the novel’s narrator famously declares that…

The Coming Prosperity: How Entrepreneurs Are Transforming the Global Economy

By Philip Auerswald & Timothy Ogden
Reviewed By Lise Stone

Don’t tell Philip E. Auerswald the sky is falling. His account of economic, political, and social opportunity, The Coming Prosperity: How Entrepreneurs are Transforming the Global Economy, takes a strong shot against purveyors of doom and gloom. He argues cogently…

The Power of Pull: How Small Moves, Smartly Made, Can Set Big Things in Motion

By John Hagel III, John Seely Brown & Lang Davison
Reviewed By Jonathan Fanton

The Power of Pull helps us understand the implications of rapid change for ourselves, institutions and the larger society. It poses deep questions for each of us about our personal development but also challenges us to help institutions we care…

What Technology Wants

By Kevin Kelly
Reviewed By Rajiv Joshi

Inefficiency, limited creativity and untapped potential are criticisms that have been left at the door of nonprofit organizations the world over. As we search for solutions and drive for greater impact, we tend to focus our efforts on developing staff,…