What’s NEXT?

NEXT is a consulting resource for leaders of nonprofit organizations at critical points of transition:

  • Assisting Boards to identify major objectives, aspirations and opportunities  of their institutions to frame the search for a new executive.
  • Helping incoming executives to understand key institutional strategic strengths  and challenges and facilitate a smooth entry into their new position.
  • Assisting departing executives to delineate personal aims, professional  objectives and next steps.

NEXT is a partnership of seasoned executives with deep and broad experience across the full spectrum of nonprofit institutions. We affirm the core values of educational, cultural, and social service organizations. And we offer our advice and counsel to reinforce those values at crucial times of transition.

When issues of transition require strategic planning, NEXT works with
AKA | Strategy, our partner.


A visual arts organization in transition

A mid-sized museum has a new building, new programming, and has survived years of planning as its principals managed (and governed) these challenges. Its board is still raising funds to pay for all this, but it is proud of the expanded space and increased attendance that have come with the changes. Now the Museum’s Director - the engineer of the changes and the spirit of the new place - announces his intention to resign in a year.MORE